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Scavenging often holds a place of ignobility in the natural order. Even so, the pragmatic organism willing to submit to such measures not only survives, but also fulfills a necessary role on the deconstructive arch of life’s circle. Adaptation, ingenuity and a stomach for humble pie, stuffed no doubt with carrion, define the scavenger, and of late, such a creature am I.

Here is a brief list of my recent discoveries:

On average it takes 3 broken microphone stands to assemble 1 functional one, similar ratios apply to guitar stands.

Scrap lumber is significantly less expensive than the stuff they sell at OSH or the Depot, particularly when you are talking plywood.

Discarded lottery tickets are not always losers, I found one good for a free ticket, which in turn became $5.

An abandoned couch will feel befriended if you put a new cover on it.

“Wash and Wear” is the term I give any article of clothing I find in a dumpster.

A lamp is not trash if it only needs a new light-bulb.

If it has a “Take Me” sign on it, the imperative at least deserves consideration.

Your wife/girlfriend really loves you if she finds a way to appreciate a gift, presented as “discarded on the street” rather than “purchased at boutique”.

“Construction Waste” is another way of saying supplies for a smaller project.

One man’s thrift store bag is another man’s ebay inventory?

No matter where life takes me financially I hope that I don’t forget these early days scraping and scrapping. Somewhat curious and somewhat fitting, that material waste is one of the predominate luxuries enjoyed by a materialistic society.

All that said I can’t wait to get out on the road and play the music we’ve been working on for people. This is certainly an opportunity afforded by a society of material wealth and for that I am certainly grateful! Yeah!

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Can you translate everything you just said? Merriam-Webster would really be proud of you though…

Mazolla added these words on Aug 21 11 at 7:35 am

We need more geniuses like you in the music business… Keep rockin’

Matt Jones added these words on Aug 21 11 at 8:05 am

Sometimes that lonely, discarded cover-less couch has other inhabitants, careful!!

tomz. added these words on Sep 16 11 at 3:27 pm

@tomz, totally man, it wasn’t ’til I’d gotten the couch into the rehearsal space that I noticed the vagrant sleeping on it. He was passed out pretty good, so we were able to get him back out to the street with out disturbing him!

Joel added these words on Sep 26 11 at 12:09 pm

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