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For the past six weeks, Joel and I have been hard at work on our first music video for The Violet Lights. This being the case, our weekends and evenings continue to never be quite long enough for all that needs to be done.

Sometimes amusing, other times frustrating, it seems that whatever project we undertake, we like to make damn sure there are an incredible number of steps. This, in all honesty, can be quite intimidating, but when we do finally pull off what we are going for, we can usually say we made something we are truly proud of. So as it happens, the supply gathering, costuming, prop assembly, set preparation, and filming for this video have brought us all over the colorful city (and outskirts) of Los Angeles and kept us up late many a night. From climbing the rocks at Zuma Beach to sneaking around abandoned industrial parks in Santa Clarita, to standing in the waves in the windy cold night in Santa Monica, not to mention painting our windows green, bolting video lights to our ceiling, and ceaselessly rearranging our apartment, we’ve been putting this miniature monster of a three and a half minute video together. It’s almost done, so wish us luck….and check out a sneak peek of what we’ve been up to.

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